Maybe you are not sure about whether to entrust your precious device to our skilled technicians. But here are the testimonials of some of our customers, just over the last six months, who have used our service.


“We only own one smart phone between the pair of us and we have no other devices in the house. We don’t own a laptop, tablet or a PC and the phone is the one way that we have of keeping in touch with the outside world.”

“Therefore it was a disaster when Bob dropped it into a cup of coffee! We weren’t sure where to turn or what to do. We had bought the phone second hand on eBay and weren’t even sure if it would be worth the repair cost.”

“Fortunately Jack was very helpful and said that the repair would not cost as much as we were fearing. He repaired the phone within twenty four hours and also helped us with some important things, such as how to really get to grips with some of the phone’s functions. We weren’t really getting the most out of our phone before Jack at the shop showed us what to do.”

“Now both of us can send and receive an email and we know how to upload photos to social media. This has really helped us stay in touch with our grandchildren. Thank you, Jack!”


“I use my iPhone not only for personal use, but also for business and when the screen shattered I was devastated!”

“I keep all my contacts and suppliers details in it and needed it back, in full working order, as quickly as possible.”

“Jack at the repair center understood this and prioritized the repair. I had my phone back within forty eight hours of taking it to the shop and it was as good as new.”

“The repair did not cost as much as I thought it might do and I would recommend the service to anyone, especially anyone running a business!”


“My phone is my only point of contact with the world for so many things, university, family and social life. When it got a bug, I really didn’t know what to do!”

“When I sent it away for a postal service, I was a little nervous that I would ever see it again – but I did!”

“The repair was done promptly and cheaply and I was extremely happy with the service!”