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Magnetic Car Signs FAQ's

Q. What size Magnetic sign can I order ?

A. Standard Magnetic material comes in 24" rolls. 40" rolls can also be special ordered. As well as other custom sizes. So 24" inch by almost any length or 40" by almost any length

Q. Is a magnetic sign the same as a Car Magnet? A. Yes it is.

Q. What speed is it safe to drive at with Magnetic Signs on the car.

A. If driving 70 MPH or higher. Car magnets can develop gaps under the edges of the magnet. Any time you might exceed 70 MPH. Take the magnets off the car and Reset them. High wind areas can reduce the speed you can travel. You Should not exceed 70 MPH (this may also include the wind speed) * Every Car/Truck Model is Different aerodynamically.

Q. Coastal Driving and Extreme Heat or Cold?

  • A. After driving in a coastal or any extreme weather area. Take the magnets off the vehicle.
  • Clean the back side of the magnet
  • Clean the door surface.
  • Re-apply the magnets.
  • Moist Salt air will deteriorate any object not properly cared for.

Q. What type of image (picture) can I upload for my sign? A. First It must be an High quality Image type file like: A high Resolution "pdf file", "AI file", "jpg file", "eps file"or a "Photo Shop file". No Microsoft Pub files, No Word files, No Power-point files(these are not image files). Please do not use small clip art files. If you submit a low qualitity image. We are not responsable for Image quality on the finished product. *Other file types may also be excluded.

Q. If I do not have an image file. How can I get the design I have converted to a proper image file? A. There is no Conversion process for a lot of these file types. If you can not do a "Save As .jpg" This has to be done by a designer. One you choose to do the design work or one of our staff designers can help you with the design work for an additional cost.

Q. Why are larger size magnets more expensive per square foot than say a 12" by 24" Car Magnet? A. 12" by 24" is the standard size Car magnet and is promoted at the sale price. Larger magnetic signs like a 18 x 30" are a custom size which takes special handling. Custom and "odd" sizes must be custom cut or cut from larger material.

Q. Why do you charge more if I do not use the Sign Builder? A. Our online pricing is for online orders only. The sign builder lets you do the design and proofing. We print exactly what you approve on the sign builder. Our Designers do not have to do any labor for this process. We can therefore offer you the lowest price possible for magnetic signs using this tool.

Q. What Discounts do you offer on quantity orders? A. We offer a 10% discount on 10 pairs(20 magnetic signs) or more (12x24 standard size only). Please do not ask for a higher discount. Our Prices are already the lowest Pricing in the nation for magnetic signs.

Q. Do you print directly on the magnets? A. No we do not for a number of reasons. Magnetic material is soft and porous. So printing directly on it does not result in a high quality product. Also The vinyl the magnetic manufactures use to coat the magnetic material is also not up to our standards for printing. These printers were not engineered to print on magnetic material and so a lot of misprinting can occur.


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