DIY Or Not To DIY – That Is The Question!

When something happens to your smart phone you automatically find yourself wondering if it is actually worth fixing the problem, or to simply chuck it in the trash.

A lot of this may depend on how much you paid for the phone in the first place and whether you are still on a contract.

If you are still on a contract, then the chances are, it is going to be worth your while repairing the phone, because you are still paying for it. Maybe even for up to another two years!

Whereas most accidents which occur are probably not going to be covered by your contract or guarantee, it is worth checking. Also, for a contract phone, check carefully about the places that you are supposed to get it mended. Sometimes, there may be some stipulation about approved repairs only.

Either way, if you are already paying for a phone that you can’t use, you don’t have an awful lot to lose in getting it repaired. And for some things, attempting it yourself may even be worth a shot.

However, there are some exceptions to DIY-ing everything. As we have explained in another post, removing the battery from an iPhone may not be the easiest task to achieve. But other phone makes vary. Some of the older models, the battery almost falls out of the phone, every time it is dropped!

So a lot depends on the make and model, as well as the age and general condition of the handset, before you make your decision to operate or not.

At the very least, you are best off getting a quote from a professional phone repair shop. More than one quote would be an even better idea, but at least ask about the repair.

Because a lot of people simply assume that because a smart phone is expensive to buy, it is also going to cost the same amount to replace.

Often, this assumption is correct about so many things, in this era – cars, TVs, washing machines, laptops and tablets.

But, this is not always the case with a smart phone. A lot of times it is still more economical to repair the broken item, than purchasing a brand new one.

And, as we have said, if it is still being paid for, it is almost a no brainer to fix it.

We would always advise customers to get their phone looked at for a quotation before throwing it into the rubbish!

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