False and Misleading Advertising

There are many sites that have very misleading ad's. Vista Print is just one of the most blatent (IMHO). Look below at this Statment By VistPrint Vista Print

'T-shirts - Now Just $4.75 Each. No Minimums | Vistaprint.com'

As of 06/25/2011 there new ad Says

'T Shirts Printing- 50% Off - Custom T-Shirts starting at $4.75
No Minimums. Upload Photos & Logos.'

What a bunch a BS #&$%!

2 days of searching their site. And I can not find any shirt for $4.75 !

Go to there site. Try to order a printed shirt for $4.75. *you may be able to buy a blank shirt for $4.75 plus shipping. I really do not know as I can not find one myself. It will come out $16.00 + or $21.00+. With out any extras and before shipping costs! And then they also say 'Screen printed' in their ad's. BS!!! These shirst are direct to garment printed. And there is nothing wrong with DTG. It is just that they mislead the customer by saying Screen Printed! Ok so you go ahead and design a shirt and then try to pay for it. Shipping cost is hidden until the very last click to pay!

I personaly Can not stand Companies that design the most misleading Ad lines they can just to get the customer to come to their site.

Look at all the Bad reviews of this place. That is the real truth about their business. I do not even venture to state where the good reviews came from. Except they all look the same.

You can not find a phone # to contact anyone there! Why????

Why do I care? Well This business causes customers to mistrust doing business on the internet. Especially for Banners, T-Shirts and other sign related items! If I was rich and had the time. I would search and report on every bad business I could find. But there are just to many and I have to work.