About Us

Based in the heart of the community, our online repair shop still has a physical presence on the high street – but is also very much open for business on the internet as well.

Our customers come from both online and real life. We still get many people coming into our workshop and having a while you wait service on their iPhones, laptops and other devices. But our online side has grown dramatically in the last twelve months.

More people are coming to trust us, from further afield than just our immediate locality. We can now repair phones from anyone, anywhere (just as long as they are happy to pay the postage!)

This means that, literally, we have become a workshop for the world. As the word has spread about our expertise and great value for money, our team has expanded too.

To begin with, this was a one man show for a very long time. Founder Jack Culshaw was both the owner and sole worker in the business. This began to change in 2016, when we saw business increase enough to take on a full time shop manager, Andrew.

As well as managing the shop and undertaking most of the repairs on the devices that we get through our doors, Andrew also oversees our online operation. The chances are that if you post your phone off to us, it will be him who gets in touch with you, to let you know that we have received it alright.

Lastly, we are now joined by Seb, our technical whiz kid. Even if something has stumped our other two team members, Seb can usually figure it out. Customers often say that he has magic fingers and he certainly seems to have to ability to breathe life into devices which we all thought were quite dead!

Between us, we are more than likely to be able to resurrect your broken iPhone!