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Small Business Advertising - 20110/01/07

Small Business Advertising

Do you own a small business, but don’t want to spend the thousands of dollars to get a billboard? Don’t fret, because there are other ways to advertise on the road.
One easy way is to have magnetic signs on your car doors to catch the eye. Simple, effective, inexpensive, and easy to remove when you need to.
If you have a large vehicle such as a truck or van for your business, consider turning it into a moving billboard by advertising in vinyl lettering and graphics. Splash your services in large scale on the side of your vehicle and get noticed!
Want to canvass a larger area than just where you drive to? Try sprinkling some yard signs around town and watch what happens! Advertise openings, events, and sales. Are you a contractor working on a home? Set a yard sign in the lawn and tell the neighbors!
Use your space well and your outdoor advertising can help your business boom.