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Iphone Repairs – When To Consult The Professionals

Changing the battery on your iPhone does not sound difficult, but it might surprise you to know that it can actually be a very hazardous piece of DIY to attempt.

That is if you do it wrong. We can offer you tips on how to do this as safely as possible, however, we would still strongly suggest you bring the phone into a respected phone repair shop. Fortunately, there is a good choice of trusted phone repair centers in Edmonton, such as

The reason why we would not recommend you try this at home unless you are technically competent is because if the battery is pierced, it may actually explode!.

But if you are sure you want to undertake this yourself – and you realize that by doing so you are invalidating your phone’s warranty – then follow our guide carefully, for a less risky home repair.






Start by preparing your work surface and ensure it is flat and tidy.

  1.  Start by preparing your work surface and ensure it is flat and tidy.
  2.  There are two screws to the rear of the phone, with the charger in the middle. Remove these and put them to one side carefully.
  3.  Taking your iSesamo, now prize the screen open gently. Begin at the rear end to the display, next to the charger space. Once you have done this, you can remove the screen.
  4.  Prior to even attempting to remove the battery, make sure it is disconnected first. There is a bracket covering the FPC connector, take this off and put the screws in a safe place.
  5.  Now take your spudger tool and displace the connectors for the FPC. Do this carefully, because you do not want to destroy the battery connector.
  6.  Now take off the display. Remove the bracket by the board.
  7.  Taking the spudger, remove the connectors to the camera and cable to the sensor. Now go to the connector for the home button, display data and the cable for the digitizer. Just take care you do not destroy the logic board sockets! Once you have done this, the display will lift out carefully.
  8.  Next is the motor vibrator. You must do this carefully. Take the screws out carefully and use the tweezers to get the motor out.
  9.  You should be able to see a pair of flaps at the rear to the battery. With the tweezers, peel one back carefully. Ensure you do not damage the battery with the tweezers!
  10.  Still with the tweezers, now grasp the battery flap and turn it securely. Pull on the sticky strip until you get it off and do the same with the other one.
    Now your battery is available to be removed.
  11.  Replace all the screws carefully. Really carefully! Putting the screw in the wrong place could destroy the phone’s motherboard, in other words, killing it.
  12.  Ensure the data cable is tightly connected – it might make the screen malfunction if it is not in correctly.
  13.  Ensure that you don’t lean too much on the center of the cable to the digitizer, it could damage it.
  14.  Make sure you screw everything back in as per the instructions.

Now perhaps you realize why we do not recommend that members of the public change or remove their iPhone batteries for themselves!

The battery may smoke or burn if it becomes damaged, during an attempted repair. Whilst we would not recommend anyone does this at home, if you have a degree of experience with phone repairs and electronics, you might wish to undertake it, with the correct equipment.